Other services

I manufacture custom classic knives and folding knives – feel free to ask for a tailor-made order.

I am able to manufacture any kind or design of classic knives and folding knives, from the most economical ones to luxury products. I can adapt my prices, material and designs to my customer necessities, so please, do not hesitate to contact me.

All my products and designs are inspired on the classic Spanish knives and folding knives but they are handmade by me, I don’t replicate the original product. I handmade my own designs. I use any kind of material in order to create my design but I try to stay loyal to the raw materials used on the Spanish cutlery such us bullhorn, buffalo horn, ram horn, deer stag antler, and any kind of wood, from the olive wood to the cocobolo wood passing through the walnut wood.

One of my specialties is the tailor-made orders, I can adapt my products and materials to my costumer needs; if you would like to order an original or classic design or you would like a custom order based on my own designs, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Here’s some examples of custom orders from my clients: (they are all old photos, I will keep it updated as soon as I receive more requests: