Vendetta corso folding knife with polished bull horn handle

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Vendetta corso folding knife made on a polished bull horn handle. The beautiful studded handled comes with a nickel silver bolster and liner. The blade and “palanquilla” are made from 440 steel. The spring, palanquilla and the blade’s spine is beautifully bedecked. It’s one of our top sold designs.

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Vendetta corso folding knife with polished bull horn handle. Ref: 022

Vendetta Corso folding knife with a polished bull horn handle. Nickel silver liners and bolster bedecked with filed notches.

This folding knife style comes from France. This design is a tribute to the French cutlery products and knives.

Mirror polished flat grinded blade  made on 440 steel with a length of 9 cm. (3,54″). The blade comes with a little “uñeta” or notch to ease the opening.

The blade’s thickness is 2,5 mms.  (0,1″).

Nickel silver-studded polished deer bull horn handle with a length of 11 cm (4,33″)

The overall length is 20  cm (7,87″) while the blade is locked down. Once the blade is folded  its length is 11 cm (4,33″).

“Palanquilla” with “teja” spring made on inox steel and bedecked with filed notches.

The artisan signature can be found in the back of the palanquilla.

The vendetta is our top sold product, that’s why we it’s available with polished deer stag, ram horn or bull horn.

WARNING: Since every product is manufactured once the order is processed and the materials used to manufacture every piece comes from natural raw materials the final product may vary with the one on the photo. Material like deer antler, bullhorn, ram horn, wooden scales, etc. comes with different tonalities, grains and colors. Nevertheless, we select the materials personally to stay loyal to the showed image. Please, also keep in mind that every product is handmade by José Herreros, so every product is unique, there won’t two exact copies of the same exact item.

MANUFACTURING TIME: Every product is made once the order is processed. Depending on the design the manufacturing time may vary a bit; it takes around 20-25 days to handmade each product. Once the product is crafted we ship it to your destination. The shipping time may vary depending on the country.

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