You can return any product no matter why and we will refund your payment. This is called desisting. (please keep in mind that refunding usually comes with taxes and extra payments that will be deducted from this amount)

The right to desist on your order is given by the article 44 of the Spanish law Ley 7/1996, 15 de Enero de Ordenación de Comercio Minorista modificada por la Ley 47/2002, de 19 de Diciembre”. This article authorizes the customer 14 working days to desist on the order, these days will run once the customer receives his order.

However, this article also comes with a few requirements to be applied, on the first place, I won’t accept any return, change or refund if it hasn’t been notified before. In order to return any item, the customer shall contact us by email or phone number on 14 working days once received the parcel. On this communication the customer has to let us know the reason of the return.

Once we receive the return we will check each product carefully, if every requirement is met we would proceed to refund the funds. Please keep in mind bank transfer or Paypal transfers comes with a fee that will be deducted of the net amount.

The shipping cost of the return has to be paid by the customer, however if you have problems to ship it back we could send our shipping company.

Please, send your returns to the following address:

José Antonio Herreros Gómez
Calle Francisco Javier de Moya 56
02002, Albacete (España)

If you have any inquiry or you would like to return any item please contact me on the email below:


Soporte 24/7:

The Spanish e-commerce law and other regulations allow the websites to proceed with any refund in 31 days. However, you won’t have to wait that long to get your funds back since we try our best to speed up all the processes.