Catalog of handmade folding knives from Albacete.

The touch of José Antonio Herreros: From the paper to the knife – handmade pocket knives.

In this section you could find several designs of our handmade pocket knives from Albacete from a different range of prices. Every product is handmade by the expertise hand of José Antonio Herreros. Many of Jose’s design can be customized, he can adapt any style to any material or any customer request, would you like a tailor-made product? Just send us a message Contact.

Almost every design shown on this page are pocket and folding knives from Albacete, they are well-known as the clásicas navajas albaceteñas or classic pocket knives from Albacete. Nevertheless, you could find many other styles and designs from several points of the Spanish geography such as Sevillian (Sevillanas), Bandits (Bandoleras), Machetes, Sword point, Cut point or Tanto point. Moreover, each design can be made on a really wide range of steels, such as Mo-Va, Sandvik, Böhler or even Damascus steel.

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Please, keep in mind, that every item is handmade once the order is processed. That means the manufacturing time and the delivery time are different; From one hand the time of manufacturing the piece may vary depending the complexity of the item, from another hand, the shipping time, which may vary depending the destination country. We always try to precisely inform our customers about the deadlines and estimated delivery times of our pieces.

If you would like to place a tailor-made/custom order or you would like us to restore one of your pieces, please do not hesitate to contact us. For more information you can visit the following URL: Custom orders and other services.

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